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At OmniAds Media, from, one of our immediate preferences is privacy. This Privacy Policy description contains sorts of details that are organized and recorded by OmniAds Media so that you can understand how we record them. 

If you have additional questions or require more facts about our Privacy Policy, do not pause to contact us.

This Privacy Policy applies only to our online exercises and is useful for visitors to our website concerning the knowledge that they transfer and/or contain in OmniAds Media. This policy does not apply to any information collected offline or via media other than this website.

It is essential to elucidate that the details gathered through the Service will be used only for the objective of delivering the Service. 

As privacy is of greatest significance to us, and we are dedicated to defining how we manage the knowledge provided via our different platforms, we take service from our sole tool. Rest assured that data will be taken with the highest grade of confidentiality. If you have any questions or problems about our privacy procedures, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to deliver and report with the essential information and address any queries anyone may have concerning personal information and data defense. 

Log Files and Data Analysis

OmniAds Media seeks a standard procedure for using log files. These files log visitors when they visit websites. All hosting companies do this and are a segment of hosting services’ analytics. The understanding stashed by log files includes:

  • Referring/leaving pages
  • Internet protocol addresses (IP addresses)
  • ISP – Internet Service Provider 
  • Browser style
  • Numeral of clicks
  • Date and time stamp

These are not connected to any personally identifiable details. The information aims to investigate tendencies, assist the site, track user’s movement on the website, and further collect the demographic details.

GDPR Data Protection Rights

OmniAds Media fully concedes with the GDPR and its information transfer limitations. We make sure the protected transfer of personal data to a third nation or a global organization is data controlled. The protection includes the use of traditional contractual clauses, which support confidentiality and even protect personal communication during the transfer procedure. By adhering to these measures, we strengthen our commitment to data solitude and compliance with applicable data transfer rules.

Information We Gather

The details that you are asked to provide, and the causes why you are asked to provide them, will be created obvious to you at the juncture we request you to provide your personal information.

If you reach us immediately, we may receive additional particulars like your 

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • The contents of the information and/or attachments you may transmit to us, 
  • And any other facts you may choose to provide.

When you report for an Account, we may invite your contact details, containing things like 

  • Company name
  • Name
  • Email address
  • Telephone number
  • Address.

How We Use It

We use the understanding we collect in multifarious ways, including:

  • Enhance, personalize, and develop our website
  • Comprehend and analyze how you utilize our website
  • Create new products, assistance, features, and functionality
  • Dispatch you emails
  • Transmit with you, either instantly or through one of our members, including for client service, to deliver you updates and other details relating to the website, and for marketing and promotional objectives
  • Find and control scam

Sensitive Information

OmniAds Media contains and treats keen understanding in the duration of the Information Technology Act, of 2000, and checks all the regulations thereunder. The exposure to sensitive data that exists in OmniAds Media

  • Login Password: The signup requires you to construct a password for accessing the OmniAds Media favor, which is personal and delicate information, managed and preserved within the OmniAds Media database. 
  • Monetary Information: The Bank Details may be perceptible on the cheques couriered to us for the cost of any assistance, but the entire bank account things are never mentioned down or processed for any grounds whatsoever, with us.

Information at Sign Up 

Here are some of the information that you need while you are login-

  • Website URL
  • Email address
  • Region
  • Skype ID
  • Company name
  • Phone

On OmniAds Media, you will be able to discover the username and the password. Please note that OmniAds Media protects all Client communication points as individual business components that will only be employed to assist Client descriptions and then respond to the Customer, Affiliate, or Publisher questions in acquaintance with a contractual contract or appropriate agreement by and between the classes.

Advertising Partners Policies

For advertising objectives, we operate with a third-party partner accountable for portraying ads on our website or organizing our ads on other sites. This partner may utilize technologies such as cookies to collect details about the actions on this site and others, allowing them to deliver ads tailored to the browsing movements and interests.

Also, our only tool stops the ads for the users planned towards ‘fake clicks.’

Third-Party Policies

OmniAds Media Policy does not concern other websites or advertisers. Thus, we are suggesting you consult the individual Policies of these third-party ad servers for a more detailed report. It may include their rules and instructions concerning how to go out of certain prospects.

Users can damage cookies in browsers. Disabling cookies will not, yet, collect tickets for all promotions. 

If an end-user wants to opt out of a special ad network, publisher, or advertiser’s ads, that is necessary to reach the characters. It can also stop the performance of Ad Identifiers for targeted advertisements by enabling the Limit Ad Tracking positioned on their phones. End users can even reset the Ad Identifier again operating their smartphone’s solitude areas. All the users should state that OmniAds Media collects data on behalf of the consumers. 


OmniAds Media reserves the request to send you precise communications connecting to our benefit or sponsored promotion, organizational contacts, and the Newsletter, that are regarded as part of your registered statement, with an opportunity for you to control receiving them. We shall even send you emails which shall include data about our existing or replacement benefits or attributes.

CCPA Rights (Don’t Sell My Confidential Information)

Under this, clients have the right to:

A directive that a company that contains a consumer’s data indicates the categories and complicated pieces of individual data that an organization has stockpiled about consumers.

Ask that a corporation delete any personal data about the customer that a company has accumulated.

Request that a business that sells a consumer’s data, not sell the consumer’s info.

If you make a suggestion, we have one month to respond. It will be the best part if you contact us immediately. 

Tracking Technology 

We partner with third parties to display publicity on our website or to organize our advertisements on other websites. Our third-party partner can employ technologies such as cookies so that they can contain all the information about the actions that are going on at the locations as well as on the other sites to provide you with advertising based on your browsing interests and actions. The tracking domains used by us are,,,,,,,,,,

The guidelines for the Google Transparent Click Tracker Certification program also allow us to safeguard all users from click tracker misusage by promoting click tracker translucency. We do follow them and with this google has also given the tracking algorithms for the clicks that are Providing visual query parameters, Validation, Modifications, and configuring subdomains. 

Security Tracker 

It employs commercially reasonable measures that obtain an assortment of security technologies and processes to protect customer and end-user data from unauthorized credentials, use, or disclosure. Personal facts, especially the sharp details about users are held on OmniAds Media plans and are protected utilizing industry-standard protection standards. We hold a mixture of material, electronic, and safeguards to defend your details. 

You need to be mindful that OmniAds Media has no command over the protection of other sites on the Internet that you are visiting, interacting with, or from to buy products or allowance. You should maintain your user title, password, or other credentials attributes secure and secret to defend against unauthorized access to your account statement and services. 

Sharing of Information

OmniAds Media uses private information to satisfy your conditions and proposals for improved outcomes, user knowledge, and assistance, mailing transactional emails or notices you have selected, displaying appropriate publicity according to your area, products/services generated, etc. 

OmniAds Media does not lease, trade, or communicate confidential information regarding you to any third parties, excluding when we have expressly received your license at the moment of collection of the information online at OmniAds Media.

Client-side Tracking

Buyers use OmniAds Media for server or pixel postback to collect information about Users. Pixel tracking, which is also understood as  

  • “cookie-based tracking” 
  • “client-side tracking” methods

The stores an OmniAds Media session identifier in a user’s exploration history cookie on click. In postback search, OmniAds Media directly sends an identifier to the advertiser per click. On modification, the advertiser then expresses that identifier to OmniAds Media for verification. OmniAds Media also sustains server-to-server statures for some clients. OmniAds Media gathers attributes from the User’s computer or gadget. 

Data Security

The security of any confidential information, as well as our customers’ information, is of greatest significance to OmniAds Media. We have executed reasonable safety measures to guard the data from loss, collapse, mishandling, unauthorized entrance, or exposure. When sensitive knowledge is provided, such as credit card digits on our order forms or login certifications on our forum login page, we use closed socket layer technology (SSL) to encrypt the communication of that knowledge. These advanced technologies guarantee that any data remains safe, secure, and available only to the accepted individuals.

Children’s Information

OmniAds Media does not knowingly manage any Personal Identifiable Info from youngsters under the period of 13. If you think about why your child is provided this type of attribute on our website, we firmly enable you to reach us instantly and we will accomplish our most satisfactory efforts in a short period so that it can be erased from the site. 

Business Transactions and Transfers

OmniAds Media secures the right to assign or share this privacy policy, along with the user narrative and appropriate knowledge and data, to any person or commodity in the possibility of acquisition or merger affecting OmniAds Media. If such a transfer happens, concerned customers will be announced through email and/or a prominent announcement on our website concerning any changes in ownership or use of the personal knowledge, as well as any choices clients, and interests may have concerning the data.

Terms of Service Agreement

Your entrance to and usage of the Service is subject to and restrained by OmniAds Media. 

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